About House of Figs

Bethany Nelson

“House of Figs is the natural culmination of my life long love of the arts, intuitive sense of interior space and open mind to the endless possibilities in the creative world.


I believe in the profound effect of art in our world; the making, the appreciating and the supporting of art is, in my opinion, what it’s all about. No home or work environment should be without art on the walls, in the garden or hanging from the ceiling; bringing richness and joy to our lives everyday.

Throughout my life I have lived in amazing, albeit unusual, homes that gave me, each in their own way, a keen awareness of interior space. Growing up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, my family moved into a house built by an artist who created his own gallery in the living room. The space was huge with 13’ ceilings; nothing like the cozy adobe houses where you had to stoop down to enter the front door. My mother, an artist herself, designed the interior space with amazing skill and elegance making home out of what could have doubled as a skating rink. In college I lived in a converted Potato Chip Factory and then later, in Chicago, in a converted Soda Pop Factory. Transforming unusual spaces into home became part of my life. This challenge grew into a passion and then grew into House of Figs: a unique and artistic approach to making home, the most personal space, out of any desired location. “

- Bethany Nelson



Founder and owner, Bethany Nelson is an artist who combines her love of nature and beauty with her innate sense of space, light and color. Her background is comprised of a broad range of experience that includes working in fine art print shops and galleries; including Tamarind Institute and Landfall Press, curating exhibitions, and starting and directing art schools and community programs at the Athenaeum School of the Arts in La Jolla and the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque.