Being Green

handsTaking care of our beautiful planet is something that we all want to do but don’t always know about the many ways that we can make a difference.

Whenever possible, we like to give you the option to choose a green product for your home or office. We think that you will be happily surprised at what is available that is both eco-friendly and naturally beautiful. There is no need to compromise style or your creative whim. Green products now include paint, wallpaper, carpet, furniture, flooring, lighting. . . you name it. We can find virtually anything in the green world and we’ll do the research and give you the price comparison (often the more economical choice as well!). The results are a healthier home with better indoor air quality, lower utility costs, and a brighter future for you and our planet.


nurseryExpecting a baby?

Congratulations! What better place to be sure to use all natural and green products than in the nursery? Let us help you design a beautiful, healthy environment for your baby’s room full of light and color and love.


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