Light Space and Color



The effects of light (and lack of it) are now known to be critically important to our wellbeing. Natural light is beautiful, balanced, and in New Mexico, abundant. We will consider the positive aspects of both natural and artificial light in your home and direct it in the most efficient, aesthetic and beneficial way.




Nesting is a very natural instinct. We create shelter, warmth and security in our homes.  However, in our culture, we are encouraged to acquire more and more. . . often far beyond our need. Over time we loose our balance, bringing in more than we let go of. This creates clutter. . . and clutter has a much greater impact on your wellbeing than you would guess.

With too much stuff we lose our space to breathe, space to think, and space to move.  Instinctually, we stow it away. .  . out of sight, but not out of mind. Until you clear out and get rid of what you no longer use or love, you are living with the unresolved and stagnant effect of stuff. The first and most important step in any interior design or re-design is to clear space. It takes time and patience but the resulting sense of relief is well worth the effort. In my experience, my clients stand up straighter, breathe easier and smile more after they have de-cluttered their homes or office spaces.




Through creative use of space and organizational techniques your environment will be a place where you feel happy to work, play, sleep and live. When your home or office is basically well organized things find their place with ease and order is achieved without stress. The goal is to let your home or office shine and represent you in comfort, peace and beauty.



The effect of color in our environment is powerful to say the least and yet sometimes overlooked. When considering the vast color choices for your home or office it is best to consider the atmosphere that is most beneficial for that particular space. For instance, the color green promotes a feeling of harmony, growth and healing, blue invites a sense of calm, serenity and relaxation and the color orange inspires enthusiasm, joy and exuberance. We will look at a combination of factors, from the size of the room to the furnishings and, of course, personal preference to find the perfect color choices to create a welcoming and beautiful environment.

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