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"When I decided to become a foster parent I was faced with the task of re-designing my home. I needed to create a safe, inviting and cozy space for the children’s room and rethink the living room area as well. Bethany came in and before anything else we cleared out the space, deciding what we wanted to keep and what to get rid of thinking all the while about the children’s point of view. We got rid of the old bedroom set and brought in bunk beds and the room was transformed into a haven for these kids who needed a home away from home. The room came together like magic as did the living room. I feel so happy about the house now, it feels inviting and homey and very kid friendly."

-V. Schroeder, Albuquerque, NM



I get so many compliments from people who visit my office. They comment on the beauty and serenity of the space. When I changed jobs, I was worried about moving from a very roomy workspace to a smaller, more modular space, so I hired Bethany to help me create a Vastu-based environment that would reflect my love of art and world cultures. She worked around a couple of my favorite things, and brought in just the right pieces to reflect my personality and professionalism. When I walk into my office each day, it's both lovely and organized, and I'm happy to sit down and start working.

- M. Tafoya, Albuquerque, NM




"Our home was transformed by Bethany Nelson in one unforgettable, whirlwind weekend. We live in the Bay Area and heard about her services from a friend. What we loved most about working with Bethany is how well she listened to our needs before doing anything else. Really listened, and heard. What resulted was a space that works beautifully, a home that we love. Our dreams, but better.

Bethany was not about imposing her vision on us, but discovering our best vision."

J. Berger, Marin County, CA


craft room




“I hired House of Figs to help with our living room area. Our whole family was unhappy with its arrangement - we got to the point of wanting to sell our couch we felt so inhibited in that space.

Bethany shared her amazing knowledge of principles on energy flow, from Feng Shui to the less well-known Vastu, as well as a real knack for her own sense of what works spatially. Plus she taught me practical tools. By the end of the afternoon, the frustrating space had transformed into a place we wanted to look at again and again, and more importantly, to be in. Having that core space feel good has changed an elemental sense of enjoyment in our home and helped me take steps in other places in the house that desperately need paring down and rearranging.  Every week I feel grateful to Bethany for giving us this new perspective. " 

– C. Snider, Alameda, NM












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